Thanks to Cedar from the ‘Roads I Roam’ blog for nominating me and asking me to enter into the Travel Supermarket Capture the Colour 2013 Photoblogging Contest! From looking at their site, it seems like there are lots of great prizes, so if you’re keen, be sure to check it out – have to be in it to win it!

After a bit of debate, I’ve selected the following 5 photos to capture the theme of the contest – i.e. representing 5 colours which show off the beauty of our world: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and White. Here are my entries!



Taken in Capri, Italy

Red is such a fantastic colour to shoot – it’s so raw and in your face. I really like the contrast in this picture – the powerful red against the powerful blue, with a little bit of rustic thrown in via the scuff marks and cracks. The Vespa also compliments it well – all of combined gives that perfect feeling of Italy. This picture for me just epitomises Italy – warm, raw, passionate and free!



Emerald Grotto, Amalfi Coast

This picture was taken while I was in the little boat being taken into the Emerald Grotto, which is in the Amalfi Coast in Italy. The Amalfi Coast is one of the most amazing places in the world – the winding roads, the amazon scenery, the brilliant and charming towns, the food – I can keep going. This is one of those places which convince you that your 9-5 job is a waste and that you should pack it all in and just buy a villa in the south of Italy – very tempting. Anyway, the blue within the water is created by the underwater cave opening letting in light. It’s quite otherworldly when you’re in there – but be quick…as soon as you go into the cave, you’re out!



Taken at Hyde Park, London

I took this picture on a crisp Autumn morning when I thought I’d get up at the crack of dawn and go to Hyde Park and see what I could take. It was one of those days where lady luck was definitely on my side. The air was crisp, the colours of the trees and leaves were a perfect balance of green, yellow and everything in between, and the sun was in fine form. I managed to get some fantastic pictures that day – and this was one of my favourites. I love how the yellow sun just drenches everything with life and warmth.



Taken in Madrid, Spain

Madrid is a really beautiful city. Often seen as the the lesser sister city to Barcelona by many travellers, I found Madrid to be brimming with charm, character and culture. I took this picture as I was walking around the Royal Palace near the gardens. The frame just stood out – the great contrast and uniqueness of the VW Beatl, mixed in with the yellow leaves on the floor and the green surrounds. Just had to take the picture!



Taken in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka – what an amazing place. If it hadn’t been ravaged by civil war for the last 30 years, more people would know about this beautiful country and visit it. The rich history and culture of this country is a match for any of the great ancient civilisations, with magnificent ancient sites which date back thousands of years. I can’t remember where exactly I took this picture, but I really liked the end result of the contrast of the colours – the white stupa complimenting the orange and the sandstone ground. It’s one of those pictures which I didn’t quite get right in terms of focus. But looking back – its one of those pleasant accidents in life (and photography) which didn’t quite go the way you planned, but in the end you get a nice surprise! The blur off the monk I think actually brings the picture to life even more.

So they are my entries – hope you like them. It is a bit of a tough choice!

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