The Maidens pictured here are part of a set of Frescos which are dated to 1500 years painted on the walls of Sigiriya, the Rock Fortress/Palace which was built by the king at the time. For something so old, the detail, skill and technique of the painters is astounding. Truly one of the gems of the ancient world – these frescos are really priceless!

A little bit on Sigiriya also, given most people most likely would have never heard of the place! Sigiriya is truly one of the wonders of the world. It is an ancient rock fortress which was build by a king back around 400AD. What is amazing about this is that the actual fortress complex is built on and around the actual rock. The rock is actually 200 meters high and just rises out of the ground in a breathtaking manner. I was lucky enough to climb the actually rock itself, which is not an easy feet, a lot of it where you are just climbing the side of this giant rock and all you have to protect yourself from a fall is a flimsy metal hand-rail.

It is indeed very much a pilgrimage which you are doing, climbing this giant monolith to reach the heavens. The climb is indeed worthwhile – what a sight it is from up top. Once you get up, you have sweeping 360 degree views of the entire plateau. I can see why the king decided to build his fortress palace up here. Unfortunaly I don’t have a decent picture which really captures the entire rock in all it glory – so if you’re interested in finding out more, have a look at main Sigiriya Wikipedia page which has some nice pictures as well as information on the rock.