The Alhambra! What can I say about this place? From the outside, it looks pretty impressive, but like any other Medieval palace – once you see one, you’ve seen them all. I’ve heard people rave on about the Alhambra, but from the little I saw, was not too impressed. Boy was I wrong though. On reflection and having walked through the place, this is indeed one of the most amazing places which I have been to. The grandeur and intricacy of this place is something to behold. A combination of Islamic Moorish architecture and influence combined with an infusion of Western style as well. It was original built by the Muslim Moors during the time they held much of southern Spain and then taken over during the ‘Reconquista’ by the Catholic Monarchs. Walking through the palace, you really see the footsteps of history as different styles of architecture are built together, side by side.

This place really did inspire me again – and hopefully that shows through the photos I’ve taken!