It’s important when reading any tips and tricks, that although they form a good foundation and provide you good insight into developing good techniques, that you also experiment and figure out your own style and what works for you. Firstly, from personal experience, I think the most important thing, above getting the most swankiest equipment or going trying various techniques, is to get the basics right. This day and age, with digital SLRs being all the rage, it’s easy for people to get carried away and think they are the next Mario Testino or Annie Liebowitz! For me, the most basic thing is the image and how you take it – i.e. how it is framed, what characteristics are being captured, what makes the picture interesting or unique. Above anything else, if you can’t take a good picture, then its no use getting an expensive camera or the best lens. So get the fundamentals right!

So how do you get the fundamentals right? Time, patience, experimenting and by observing other peoples techniques. Oh and also – don’t be scared or embarrassed of using a simple point and shoot! I find that the old point and shoot is the best way to help you get the basics right. After all, with a point and shoot, there are no complications and wizbangery to make the image great. It’s all down to you – to make the ordinary look extraordinary. So as a starter for ten, grab that old camera, get out and about and see what you can get out of it. In some ways, once you get a cracking photo with a point and shoot, its more rewarding because you know that it was all the more down to you, not some top of the line lens or DSLR camera!

Oh and using Instagram does NOT make you a great photographer – it just makes you a fraud. 🙂

Happy snapping!